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MengGuyi's blog

MengGuyi's blog

There is no universal justice in the world, only diverse views and stances.

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GitLab EE 16 install and cracking tutorial

GitLab is an open source application developed mainly in Ruby on Rails language, which implements a self-hosted Git project repository that can be accessed and managed through a web interface. In short, it is a GitHub that can be deployed privately.

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Intro Page

Intro Page

Hello, this is MengGuyi!

A high school student from Daqing, Heilongjiang, who is currently studying at City University of Macau (has suspended studies). An amateur Golang developer and GNU/Linux user. Birthday May 3rd. Nice to meet you.

You can call me 孟古一 古一孟 МЭН ГУИ MengGuyi

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MengGuyi's blog

A simple blog website, sharing some interesting content.

By MengGuyi Please scroll mouse wheel down to the next slide

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Hello World!

When you see this article, it means that MengGuyi’s blog is finally open for business!

Please be sure to visit and bookmark it a lot! ! !

I will share some fun and interesting content on the website.

In short, please please, be sure to interact with me! ! !

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Blog is built

Blog is built

The blog is finally built, so happy!

It took a little effort but it was worth it.

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