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MengGuyiLess than 1 minute

Intro Page

Hello, this is MengGuyi!

A high school student from Daqing, Heilongjiang, who is currently studying at City University of Macau (has suspended studies). An amateur Golang developer and GNU/Linux user. Birthday May 3rd. Nice to meet you.

You can call me 孟古一 古一孟 МЭН ГУИ MengGuyi

I like to meet interesting people.

I support sexual minorities. And support equality rainbowflag transgenderflag

You can find me in my personal channelopen in new window

About this website:

This website is MengGuyi's personal blog website, built with vuepress-theme-hopeopen in new window, currently hosted on GitHubopen in new window. It may be connected to ICP filing and hosted in China in the future. I will share some fun and interesting content and some technology-related stuff on the website.